2002 Wrap List

B.C. Pilots





Agent Cody Banks A teenager is trained for covert operations. Cub Six Productions Inc.; Exec Producer: David Nicksay; Producers: David Nicksay, Dylan Sellers; Director: Harald Zwart; DOP: Denis Crossan; PM: George Chapman; PC: Boris Ivanov, Linda Sheehy-Brownstein Cast: Frankie Muniz, Hilary Duff May 27 to August 15

AIR BUD: SPIKES BACK The world’s most athletic canine tries his paw at volleyball. Ruff Productions; Exec Producer: Anne Vince, Michael Strange; Producer: Robert Vince, Anna McRoberts; Director: Mike Southon; DOP: Mike Soothon; PM: Ian Birkett; Casting: Stuart Aikens, Audrey Skalbania; Cast: Cynthis Stevenson, Edie McClurg, Malcolm Scott, Rob Tinkler, Jake Smith, Katija Pevec, Alfred Humfreys August 6 to September 13

Awake Really Frank Films/Samadhi Productions Inc. Producers: David Frank Gomes, Mark Glover Masterson; Director: David Frank Gomes; DOP: Pieter Stathis; PM: Petina Coburn July 27 to August 17

Backfire (a.k.a. Wildfire) Desperate to save his family's restaurant, a fireman starts a forest fire in order to rob an armoured vehicle. Backburn Pictures. Exec Producer: Roger Corman; Producers: Elizabeth Sanchez, Paul Ziller; Director: Paul Ziller; DOP: Kamal Derkaoui; PM: Dan Schlanger June 10 to July 5

Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever A rogue agent and an FBI agent discover that they have a common foe. Warner Bros. Producers: Andrew Sugerman, Christopher Lee, Elie Samaha; Director: Wych Kaosayananda; DOP: Julio Macat; PM: Barbara Kelly; Cast: Lucy Liu, Antonio Banderas December 19, 2001 to April 2

The Burial Society An unlikely criminal who works as a bank loan manager, infiltrates the mysterious world of the Chevrah. Big Little Pict. Co.; Exec Producers: Raymond Massey, Howard Dancyger, Richard Baumgarter; Producer: Raymond Massey; Director: Nicholas Racz; DOP: Danny Nowak; PM: David Bouck; PC: Max Thornhill; Cast: Jan Rubes, Rob Labelle, Allan Rich, Bill Meilen February 14 to March 21

The Butterfly Effect A young man discovers that he can time travel but soon realizes that everything he does will change the life he knew. Producers: Lisa Richardson, Chris Bender, Anthony Rhulen; Director: Eric Bress, J. Mackye Gruber; DOP: Matthew F. Leonetti; PM: Brendan Ferguson; PC: Jennifer Roe Emery; Cast: Ashton Kutcher, Amy Smart, Melbra Walters, Eric Stoltz, Elden Hanson, William Lee Scott, Callum Keith Rennie, Ethan Suplee June 3 -July 31

CELL MATES Cellmate Productions Ltd.; Exec Producer: Harold Forzley; Producer: Jaye Gazeley, Ian Smith; Director: Douglas Thomson; DOP: Randall Platt; PM: Ian Smith; Cast: Ian Tracey, Rachel Hayward, Babs Chula November 12 to November 29

The Core A group of scientists drill into the earth’s core to save the planet from overheating. Core Productions Inc./ Paramount Pictures; Producer: David Foster; Director: Jon Amiel; DOP: John Lindley; PM: Mary Eilts; PC: Elaine Fleming; Cast: Aaron Eckhart, Hilary Swank, Delroy Lindo, Stanley Tucci December 10, 2001 to March 27

THE DELICATE ART OF PARKING An absurd comedy about a Parking Enforcement Officer. Anagram Pictures Inc.; Producer: Blake Corbet, Andrew Currie, Kevin Eastwood (Assoc. Prod.); Director: Trent Carlson; DOP: Brian Johnson; PM: Ian Hay; Casting: Sara McIntyre; Extras: James Forsyth November 12 to December 9
Dreamcatcher Four troubled friends reunite and encounter a stranger who unveils a hidden world. SSDD Productions; Producers: Charles Okun, Casey Grant; Director: Lawrence Kasdan; DOP: John Seale; PM: Casey Grant; PC: Jasmine Elsworth, Kathleen Nurit; Cast: Morgan Freeman, Tom Sizemore, Jason Lee December 18 to May 23

EMILE In a story weaving the past and present together, Emile seeks redemption from the family he abandoned. Emile Productions Inc.; Producer: Jacquelyn Renner, Carl Bessai; Director: Carl Bessai; DOP: Carl Bessai; PM: Michael Williams; Casting: Sue Brouse Cast: Ian McKellen, Deborah Unger November 25 to December 17

Final Destination A girl who survives a tragedy is stocked by Death; New Line Cinema; Exec Producer: Craig Perry; Producer: Justis Greene; Director: David Ellis; DOP: Gary Capo; PM: Heather Meehan; PC: Christina Margellos February 18 to May 2

FREDDY VS. JASON Hell is raised on Earth when Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees are resurrected. Shawn Danielle Production Services Ltd.; Exec Producer: Doug Curtis; Producer: Sean Cunningham; Director: Ronny Yu; DOP: Fred Murphy; PM: Kathy Gilroy-Sereda; Casting: Lynne Carrow, Sue Brouse; Extras: Annette McCaffrey; Cast: Robert Englund, Monica Keena September 9 to November 22

GOOD BOY! An intergalatic dog Pilot from the dog star Sirius, visits earth to verify the rumors that dogs have failed to take over the planet. Cub Seven Productions Inc.; Exec Producer: Stephanie Allan; Producer: Lisa Henson, Kristine Belson, Bill Bannerman; Director: John Hoffman; DOP: James Glennon; PM: Suzanne Lore; Casting: Lynne Carrow; Extras: Sandra Ken-Freeman; Cast: Liam Aiken, Kevin Nealon, Molly Shannon August 26 to November 19

House of the Dead Teens discover they are sharing an island with zombies. Brightlight Pictures; Exec Producers: Uwe Boll, Mark Altman; Producer: Shawn Williamson; Director: Uwe Boll; DOP: Mathias Neumann; PM: Dan Clarke; PC: Joey Setter, Lisa Ragosin; Cast: Jürgen Prochnow, Ellie Cornell, Clint Howard, Jonathan Cherry, Ona Grauer, Tyron Leitso May 8 to June 13

LITTLE WAR Jupiter Films; Exec Producer: Jacquie Wilkie; Producers: Andrew Hamilton, Damon Vignale, Derrick Garland; Director: Damon Vignale; DOP: Kenneth Hewlett; PM: Richard Ross; Casting: Corinne Clark; Cast: Frank Gassini, Nancy Sivak, Gina Chiarelli, Babz Chula September 2 to September 30

The LIZZIE MCGUIRE MOVIE (a.k.a. Ciao Lizzie!) Lizzie McGuire has graduated from middle school and takes a trip to Rome, Italy. Teen Life Productions Ltd.; Producer: Stan Rogow, David Roessell, Susan Jansen; Director: Jim Fall; DOP: Jerzy Zielinski; PM: Padi Mills; Casting: Coreen Mayrs, Heike Brandstatter; Extras: Sandra Ken-Freeman; Cast: Hilary Duff October 16 to December 11

LUCKY STARS (a.k.a. PICK OF THE LITTER) Jump Communications Inc.; Exec Producer: Carl Bessai; Producer: Maureen Prentice; Director: Jason Margolis; DOP: Shawn Talbot; PM: Frederick Heartline; Cast: Sarah Walker, Damon Johnson, Josephine Jacob, Maureen Prentice, Ray Galletti, Stanley Katz November 1 to November 25

MOOLAY OLAY Insite Films/Mast Productions; Exec Producer: Christian Rosales, Peter Hanlon, Mark Tuit; Producer: Crystal-Dawn Rosales; Director: Peter Hanlon; DOP: Mark Tuit; PM: Crystal-Dawn Rosales; Casting: Carlos Quijano; Extras: Kevin Rosales; Cast: Christian Blaze, Crystal Rosales, Mel Tuck, Scott Heindl, John Novack August 25 to September 16

MVP III More monkey business. Int. Keystone; Exec Producers: Anne Vince, Michael Strange; Producers: Anna McRoberts, Robert Vince; Director: Robert Vince; DOP: Mike Southon; PM: Ian Birkett; PC: Alison Stephen; Cast: Rob Tinkler, Ian Bagg, Gwynyth Walsh, Robby Benson March 24 to May 3

My Life Without Me A young woman with terminal cancer hides the prognosis from her friends and family. My Life Productions Inc. Exec Producers: Pedro Almodavar, Agustin Almodavar, Ogden Gavanski; Producers: Ogden Gavanski, Esther Garcia, Gordon McLennan; Director: Isabel Coixet; DOP: Jean Claude Larrieo; PM: Dan Schlanger; PC: Abby Tucker; Cast: Sonja Bennett, Sarah Polley, Mark Ruffalo, Deborah Harry, Amanda Plummer, Maria de Medeiros March 24 to April 26

The Perfect Score A group of high schoolers set out to steal the questions on the SAT tests. Paramount Pictures; Exec Producers: Jon Glickman, Donald J. Lee Jr.; Producers: Mike Tollin, Roger Birnbaum; Director: Brian Robbins; DOP: Clark Mathis; PM: Jim Rowe; Cast: Scarlett Johansson, Erika Christensen, Chris Evans, Darius Miles, Leonardo Nam July 8 to September 24

Punch After a teenage girl beats up her father’s date, the woman’s sister decides to teach father and daughter a lesson. Brightlight Pictures; Exec Producer: Shawn Williamson; Producer: Steve Hegyes; Director: Guy Bennett; DOP: Greg Middleton; PM: Jacquelyn Renner; PC: David Hadley April 15 to May 17

ON THE CORNER 648782 BC Ltd.; Producers: Wendy Hyman, Marc Stephenson, Craig Stapleton, Tina House (Assoc. Producer); Director: Nathaniel Geary; DOP: Brian Johnson; PM: Gilles Caplante; Casting: Jennifer Page, Corinne Clark; Extras: Laurie Pavon-Solis October 16 to November 8

RAGE TO REASON R2R Productions Inc.; Exec Producer: James Shavick; Producer: Orrin Stroll, Lili Schad; Director: Lili Schad; DOP: Kamal Derkaoui, David Bercovici Artieda; PM: Chris Foss; Casting: Stuart Aikins September 11 to October 9

Santa Clause II Santa discovers that he needs a wife to keep his job. Disney Pictures; Exec. Producers: Brian Reilly, William Wilson III;Producer: William Wilson III; Director: Michael Lembeck; DOP: Adam Greenberg; PM: Wendy Williams; PC: Eva Morgan February 6 to May 21

SAVED When a girl attending a Baptist high school becomes pregnant, she finds herself ostracized and demonized. Red Bull Productions Inc.; Producer: Sandy Stern; Director: Brian Dannelly; PM: Lorne Davidson; Casting: Coreen Mayrs; Extras: James Forsyth; Cast: Jena Malone, Macaulay Culkin, Mandy Moore September 19 to October 28

School of Life Constellation Productions; Exec Producers: David Williams, Roger Gaskins, Jim Beresford; Producers: Rosanne Milliken, Jon Kahn; Director: Michael Kahn; DOP: Greg Middleton; PM: Richard Bullock; PC: Fawn McDonald June 27 to August 9

SEE GRACE FLY See Grace Fly Productions Inc.; Exec Producer: Not Given; Producer: Paul Armstrong; PM: Meita Winkler August 26 to September 5

Try Seventeen A college boy sees that there is a lot to learn from his neighbours. Brightlight Pictures; Exec Producer: John Thompson; Producer: Shawn Williamson, Mike Elliott, Michele Weisler; Director: Jeffrey Porter; DOP: Blake Evans; PM: Dan Clarke; PC: Joey Setter; Cast: Elijah Wood, Mandy Moore, Franko Potente March 18 to April 29

Wicked Season A novelist and his wife discover a web of deceit in their quiet home town. Exec Producer: Carole Curb; Producer/Director: Harvey Kahn; DOP: Dave Pelletier; PM: Ken Lawson; PC: Philip Fuldauer & Nancy MacKenzie; Cast: Nathan Fillion, Chandra West, Emmanuelle Vaugier June 10 to July 6

Wild Guys MVP Entertainment; Exec Producer: Kate Frederick; Producer: Robert Frederick; Director: Bill Gereghty; DOP: Bruce Worrall; PM: Lorne Davidson; Casting: Sid Kozak Cast: Jackson Davies May 21 to June 12

Willard Re-make of the story of a boy and his rats. New Line Cinema; Exec Producer: Bill Carraro; Producer: Bill Carraro, James Wong, Glen Morgan; Director: Glen Morgan; DOP: Rob McLachlan; PM: Kathy Gilroy-Sereda; PC: Clark Candy, Roberta Cenedese; Cast: Crispin Glover, R. Lee Ermey March 20 to June 5

X-men 2 Return of the comic book heroes. Exec. Producers: Kevin Feige, Tom DeSanto; Producers: Ross Fanger, Avi Arad, Ralph Winter; Director: Bryan Singer; DOP: Tom Sigel; PM: Stewart Bethune PC: Sheenah Nain; Cast: Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, Halle Berry, Famke Janssen, James Marsden, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, Anna Paquin, Alan Cumming June 17 to October 31


A Very Muppet Christmas Christmas with Kermit and Miss Piggy and friends. NBC/Jim Henson; Exec Producers: Brian Henson, Juliet Blake; Producer: Martin Baker; Director: Kirk Thatcher; PM: Warren Carr; PC: Laura Livingstone; Cast: Kermit, Miss Piggy July 15 to August 23

Carrie Re-make of the story of a girl with psychic powers who gets her revenge at the high school prom. MGM; Exec Producer: Mark Stern, Bryan Fuller; Producer: David Carson, David Livingston; Director: David Carson; DOP: Victor Goss; PM: Pascal Verschooris; PC: Michele O’Flanagan June 5 to August 2

EARTHLINGS Earthlings Productions Inc.; Exec Producer: Ilene Chaiken, Steve Golin, Larry Kennak; Producer: Bob Roe; Director: Rose Troche; DOP: Attila Szalay; PM: Kim Steer; Casting: Coreen Mayrs; Extras: Natasha Tony; Cast: Jennifer Beals, Laurel Holloman, Mia Kirshner, Katherine Moennig, Leisha Hailey, Erin Daniels, Scott Bairstow, Karina Lombard July 24 to August 28

JINNAH ON CRIME: WHITE KNIGHT, BLACK WIDOW Jinnah On Crime Productions II Inc.; Exec Producer: Hugh Beard; Producer: Debra Beard; Director: Brad Turner; DOP: Henry Chan; PM: Chris Rudolph; Casting: Carole Tarlington; Extras: L.A. Hilts; Cast: Dhirendra, Pamela Sinha October 15 to November 2

KILLER BEES 614603 BC Ltd.; Exec Producer: James Shavick, Kirk Shaw; Producer: James Shavick, Kirk Shaw, Orrin Stroll - Supervising Producer; Director: Penelope Buitenhuis; DOP: Todd Williams; PM: Matt Mellinghaus; Casting: Corinne Clark, Jennifer Page; Cast: C. Thomas Howell, Fiona Loewi, Tracey Nelson October 9 to October 27

LA Law Reunion of the cast of the acclaimed television series. Fox TV Exec Producer: David Madden;Producer: Phil Goldfarb; Director: Michael Schultz; DOP: Bob Seaman; PM: Charles Lyall; PC: Cara Rogers February 18 to March 15

Maximum Surge Insight Film and Video Productions Ltd. Exec Producer: Kirk Shaw; Producer: Maryvonne Micale; Director: Jason Bourque; DOP: Todd Williams; PM: Mat Mellinghaus; PC: Michelle Samuels; Cast: Dominika Wolski, Woody Jeffreys May 26 to June 7

Mr. Saint Nick Kelsey Grammer as the latest in a long line of Santas. Hallmark; Exec Producer: Robert Halmi Sr.; Producer: Mary Anne Waterhouse, Tom Rowe, Camille Grammer; Director: Craig Zisk; DOP: David Franco PM: Julia Neville; PC: Kathleen Nurit; LM: Tracey Renyard; Cast: Kelsey Grammer, Charles Durning June 10 to July 19

No Night is Too Long A heart breaker looks back at a life gone wrong. Studios Victoria Producers: Alison Jackson, James Lewis, Randy Torno; Director: Tom Shankland; DOP: Paul Sarossy; PM: Dan Howard; PC: Verna Hall February 18 to March 28

The New Beachcombers Constable Constable and some new friends fight to save Molly’s Reach from developers. Soapbox Productions; Exec Producers: Jackson Davies, Marc Strange; Producer: Nick Orchard; Director: Brad Turner; DOP: Rob McLachlan; PM: Liz Staniforth; PC: Rhonda Legge; Cast: Dave Thomas, Jackson Davies, Deanna Milligan; July 8 to August 2

On The Edge (a.k.a. The Secret Life of Zooey) A mother’s fight to save her daughter from drug addiction. Viacom; Exec Producer: Patricia Clifford; Producer: Richard Davis; Director: Bob Mandel; DOP: Norayr Kasper; PM: Brad Van Arragon; PC: Trevor Westerhoff; Cast: Mia Farrow, Julia Whelan May 21 to June 15

THE OTHER WOMAN Long Branch Productions Inc.; Exec Producer: Simon Wright, Analisa Barreto; Producer: Mark Lorber; Director: Rachel Talalay; DOP: Peter Woeste; PM: Wayne Bennett; Casting: Sue Brouse, Lynne Carrow; Extras: Sandra Ken-Freeman; Cast: Peter Gallagher, Devola Kirwin, Cheryl Hines, Donnelly Rhodes November 4 to November 29

Out of Order Dufferin Gate; Exec Producers: Wayne Powers, Donna Powers; Producer: Peter McIntosh; Director: Wayne Powers; DOP: Joel Ransom; PM: Jae Marchant; PC: Susan Crawford July 26 to August 30

Phenomenon Television version of the John Travolta film about a man who realizes he has super-intelligence after seeing a bright light in the sky. Touchstone TV Exec Producer: Michael Taylor; Producer: Fitch Cady; Director: Ken Olin; DOP: Les Erskine; PM: Charles Lyall; Cast: Christopher Shyer, Terry O’Quinn, Jill Claybourgh, Peter Coyote May 21 to June 19

Real World An obsessed fan captures the contestants in a reality game show. MTV Exec Producers: Mary-Ellis Bunim, Jon Murray; Producer: John Stuckmeyer, John McMahon, Stacy Mandelbere; Director: Jeff Reiner; DOP: Bruce Worrall; PM: Wayne Bennett; PC: Rhonda Legge April 9 to May 3

Saint Sinner A 19th Century monk travels through time to stop the rampage of demons in the 21st century. Figard Productions Inc. Exec Producer: Clive Barker; Producer: Oscar Costo; Director: Josh Butler; DOP: Barry Donlevy; PM: Simon Abbott; Cast: Greg Serano, Gina Ravera, Mary Mara, Rebecca Harroll May 6 to June 6

Stealing Sinatra The kidnapping of Frank Sinatra Jr. Dufferin Gate/Showtime; Exec Producers: Ron Ziskin, Dave Collins; Producer: Rose Lam; Director: Ron Underwood; DOP: Brian Pearson; PM: Kim Steer; Cast: William H. Macy March 4 to April 11

This Much I Know Dufferin Gate; Exec Producers: Lee Rose, Rose Lam; Producer: Gary Randall; Director: Lee Rose; PM: Fran Rosati August 9 to September 6

WILD FIRE 7 614603 BC Limited; Exec Producer: James Shavick, Kirk Shaw; Producer: James Shavick, Kirk Shaw, Orrin Stroll; Director: Jason Bourque; DOP: Todd Williams; PM: Matt Mellinghaus; August 28 to September 21


FIRST TO DIE GEP Productions Inc.; Exec Producer: Michael O’Hara, Steve White; Producer: Tracey Jeffrey; Director: Russell Mulcahy; DOP: Attila Szalay; PM: Charles Lyall; Casting: Sid Kozak; Extras: Annette McCaffrey; Cast: Tracy Pollan September 3 to October 23

SUSPENSE THEATRE Suspended Productions Inc.; Exec Producer: Bruce Cohn Curtis, David Doerksen, Lance Robbins; Producer: Stephen Arnott, Leanne Arnott; Director: Various; DOP: David Peletier; PM: Simon Abbott; Casting: Corinne Clark; Extras: James Forsyth; Cast: Cameron Bancroft, Greg Evigan, Erika Eleniak September 3 to January 25

TAKEN World War II veteran Russell Keys is plagued by nightmares of his abduction by aliens during the war. SKG Studios Canada Incorporated; Exec Producer: Leslie Bohem, Steve Beers; Producer: Richard Heus; Director: Various; DOP: Jonathan Freeman; PM: Erin Smith; Casting: Coreen Mayrs, Heide Brandstatter; Extras: James Forsyth; Cast: Steve Burton, Joel Gretsch, Emily Bergl, Heather Donahue, Matt Frewer, Adam Kaufman, James McDaniel, Max Martini January 1 to June 11

TRAFFIC Galway Bay Productions Inc.; Producer: Jay Benson; Director: Stephen Hopkins; DOP: Joel Ransom; PM: Fran Rosati; Casting: Stuart Aikins; Extras: Sandra Couldwell November 12 to February 14, 2003


A WRINKLE IN TIME Wrinkle Productions Ltd.; Director: Patricia Rozema; DOP: Philip Linzey; PM: Tracy Long; Casting: Blair Law; Extras: James Forsyth; Cast: Kate Nelligan, Alfre Woodard, Kyle Secor June 24 to July 12

BONFIRE Liquid Pictures; Producer: Rod Bellamy; Director: Brad Crova; DOP: Marc La Liberte Else; PM: Rod Bellamy October 18 to October 18

IT’S A LIVING Welfare Entertainment; Exec Producer: Tina Krohn; Producer: Paul Wane; Director: Winston Rekert; DOP: Christoph Sapinski June 9 to June 9

MSA TEST Watershed Films; Exec Producer: James Brooke; Producer: Wally Parks; Director: Jim Beckett; DOP: Rolf Cutts October 17 to October 31

RILEY ARMSTRONG VIDEO We Be Huge Productions; Exec Producer: Riley Armstrong; Producer: Rick Colhown; Director: Rick Colhown, Riley Armstrong; DOP: Bill Baxter; PM: Rick Colhown; May 25 to May 25

WELCOME TO PRIME TIME Exec Producer: Shane Dean, Kelsey Howard; Producer: Cameron Taylor; Director: Kelsey Howard; DOP: Adam Sliwinski; PM: Chris Taylor October 19 to October 20

YO-MO Great Scott Productions; Exec Producer: Valerie Hennell; Producer: Corinna Sampson; Director: Corinna Sampson; DOP: Brent Steiner; PM: Tia Scott; Cast: Rick Scott, Jorg Takao Scott July 17 to July 17
MIDNIGHT Midnight; Producer: Alex Postowoi; Director: Alex Postowoi; DOP: Alex Postowoi; PM: Alex Postowoi April 13 to April 14

MUSIC IN HIGH PLACES Tall Pony Productions; Producer: Chris Rudolph, Mel Weisbaum March 31 to April 2

SALMON FOR CORLEON TV De Wereld; Producer: Barbara Van Poeck; Director: Jan Matthys; DOP: Stijn Van Der Veken; PM: Kim De Vry; Cast: Host Herman Van Molle April 11 to April 20

UNDERCOVER BROTHER 3 Canadian Brothers Productions Inc.; Exec Producer: Bill Carraro; Producer: Brian Grazer, Dana Robin (Assoc. Prod.); Director: Malcolm Lee; DOP: Robert B. McLachlan; PM: Jim Rowe; Casting: Coreen Mayrs, Heike Brandstatter; Extras: James Forsyth; Cast: Eddie Griffin, Chris Kattan, Dave Chappelle February 16 to February 24

B.C. Pilots

American Dreams (a.k.a Bandstand) A look back at an American family of the 1960s. B.S.G. Film Production Services Ltd.; Exec Producer: Jonathan Prince; Producers: Mark Grossan, Mike Spadone; Director: David Semiel; DOP: Brian Reynolds; PM: Holly Redford Cast: Gail O'Grady, Tom Verica, Brittany Snow, Will Estes, Sarah Ramos, Ethan Dampf March 18 to April 13

Dead Like Me DG Productions Inc. for MGM; Exec Producer: Brent Karl Clackson, Bryan Fuller; Producer: Brent Karl Clackson; Director: Scott Winant; DOP: Danny Nowak; PM: Tracy Traeger July 16 to August 21

Eastwick WB TV; Exec Producer: Jim Leonard; Producer: Grace Gilroy; Director: Michael M. Robin; DOP: Christopher Baffa; PM: Grace Gilroy March 18 to March 28

The Funkhousers A family acts like a street gang. Touchstone TV; Exec Producer: John Landgraf, Jersey Films; Producer: Penny Adams; Director: Frank Oz; PM: Patti Allen; Cast: Joel McCrary, Julia Campbell, Simon Helberg, Stephanie Lemelin March 15 to March 27

Haunted An ex-cop discovers that he can talk to the ghosts of murder victims. Legacy Filmworks/CBS; Producers: Deboragh Gabler, Paul Hellerman; Director: Michael Rymer; DOP: Peter Wunstorf; PM: Tara Cowell-Plain; Cast: Mathew Fox, Joelle Carter, Russell Hornsby April 1 to April 16

Out on TV Television for, by and about gays and lesbians. Vibrance Alive; Producers: Daniel Leipnik, Gail Anderson; DOP: Jamie Rokovetsky; PM: Gail Anderson; Cast: Worthie Meacham, Darron Storsley, Rebecca Winman, Caryl Dolinko May 12 to May 20

PEACE MAKER Aces and Eights Productions Inc.; Exec Producer: Rick Ramage; Producer: Mike Joyce; Director: Larry Carroll; DOP: Attila Szalay; PM: Ron French; Casting: Stuart Aikins; Extras: Melissa Perry; Cast: Tom Berenger, Peter O’Meara, Bellamy Young November 21 to December 20

PHENOMENON Phenomenon II Productions Ltd.; Exec Producer: Michael Taylor; Producer: Fitch Cady; Director: Ken Olin; DOP: Les Erskine; PM: Charles Lyall; Casting: Coreen Mayrs, Heike Brandstatter; Extras: Annette McCaffery; Cast: Christopher Shyer, Terry O’Quinn, Jill Claybourgh, Peter Coyote May 21 to June 19

Pieces of the Puzzle Exec Producer: Tom Lynch; Producer: Larry Sugar; Director: Anthony Atkins; DOP: Anthony Metchie; PM: Randy Cheveldave; PC: Andrea Bastin; Cast: Master P, Lil’ Romeo July 2 to July 6

Psychic Travellers Producers: Damon Winters, Bill Belcher; Director: Bill Belcher; DOP: Mark Juric; PM: Chris Hulk; PC: Peter Kindret; Cast: Akemi Nakamura, Suzanne Bastien March 15 to May 28

The Ranch The misadventures of the denizens of a Las Vegas brothel. Dufferin Gate/Showtime Exec Producer: Lisa Melamed, Stuart Birnbaum, Roger Birnbaum; Producers: Ginger Sledge; PM: Simon Abbott

That Was Then A man gets a second chance at living his life. Touchstone TV; Exec Producers: Jeff Kline, Jeremy Miller, Daniel Cohn; Producer: Ron French; Director: Peter O’Fallen; DOP: Scott Wiliiams; PM: Craig Forrest March 14 to April 3

THE SEARCH FOR THE UNKNOWN The Planetary Media Group; Exec Producer: N/A; Producer: Damon Winters; Director: Various; DOP: Mark Juric; PM: Chris Hulls; Cast: Gloria Brough, Steve Armstrong January 2003 to February 2003

The Time Tunnel Re-make of the 1960s show about two scientists who travel through time. Fox TV; Exec Producer: Rand Ravich, Todd Holland, Kevin Burns, Jon Jashni, Andrew Lazar; Producer: J.P. Finn; Director: Todd Holland; DOP: Victor Hammer; PM: Brian Dick March 6 to March 26


Andromeda Further adventures of the crew of the living space ship. Tribune/Fireworks; Exec Producers: Allan Eastman, Josanne B. Lovick, Bob Engels; Producers: Allan Eastman, Sherry Gorval; DOP: Gord Verheul; PM: Sherry Gorval; Cast: Kevin Sorbo, Lisa Ryder, Keith Hamilton Cobb, Brent Stait, Lexa Doig, Laura Bertram, Gordon Michael Woolvett April 22 to December 20

Animal Miracles True life stories of miracles between humans and animals. The Eyes Multimedia; Exec Producer: Blair Reekie; Producer: Barry Gray, Carolyn Allain; Director: Gord Carson; PM: Marie Royer; PC: Leanne Stasiuk, Jessica Arseneault; Cast: Alan Thicke June 1 to December 1

BLACK SASH The Sash Films Inc.; Exec Producer: Carlton Cuse, Robert Kamen, Dylan Sellers, Mike Tollin, Brian Robbin; Producer: J.P. Finn; Director: Various; DOP: Tony Westman; PM: Brian Dick; Casting: Coreen Mayrs; Cast: Russell Wong, Corey Sevier, Melissa Peregrym, Ally Carter, Ray J. November 4 to January 24, 2003

CHINESE CHECKERS ITD Productions Inc. Producer: Shawn Williamson, Stephen Hegyes; Director: Mina Shum; DOP: Peter Wunstorf; PM: Pascal Verschooris; Casting: Maureen Webb; Extras: Andrea Brown November 27 to December 20

Cold Squad Vancouver undercover agents reinvestigate unsolved murders. Alliance Atlantis/CTV; Exec Producer: Matt MacLeod, Julia Keatley, Peter Mitchell, Gary Harvey; Producer: Gigi Boyd; DOP: Stephen Raizes; PM: Gigi Boyd; PC: M. Faith Brooks; Cast: Julie Stewart, Tamara Craig Thomas, Greg Calpakis, Matthew Bennett June 6 to October 3

Da Vinci’s Inquest A Vancouver coroner maintains a close relationship with the local police to help solve crimes. Haddock Entertainment; Exec Producer: Chris Haddock, Laszlo Barna; Producer: Lynn Barr, Arvi Liimatainen; DOP: David Frazee; PM: Monty Bannister; PC: Richa Thorpe; Cast: Nicholas Campbell, Ian Tracey, Donnelly Rhodes, Venus Terzo, Sue Mathews June 24 to October 31

Dead Zone A high school science teacher awakes from a six year coma to discover he has psychic powers. USA/Lions Gate; Exec Producer: Michael Piller, Lloyd Segan, Rob Lieberman; Producer: Robert Petrovicz, Shawn Piller; DOP: Steve McNutt; PM: Mathew Chipera; PC: Sharon Ingram & Pat Taylor; Cast: Michael Hall, Nicole De Boer, John Adams, Chris Bruno March 18 to October 28

Elimidate Dating reality show. Telepictures; Producers: Karin Morrison, Susan Nadell, Tyson Caffo; PM: Desiree Young/Jeffrey Turner January 5 to January 20

JADE BUDDHA Maple Ridge Films Ltd. For Home run Film & TV; Producer: Shan Tam, Hong Yan Ma, Min Ai; Director: Hei Ding; DOP: Lei Wang; Cast: Da Wei Tong, Xiao Hong, Xiong August 27 to September 10

JEREMIAH In a post-apocalyptic future, a deadly virus has wiped out most of humanity. Jeremiah 2 Productions Inc.; Exec Producer: J. Michael Straczynski, Grant Rosenberg (Co-Exec. Prod.); Producer: George Horie; Director: Various; DOP: Michael Blundell; PM: S. Lily Hui; Casting: Bette Chadwick; Extras: Sandra Ken-Freeman; Cast: Luke Perry, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Sean Astin October 23 to April 3, 2003

Just Cause A wrongly convicted woman searches for her missing daughter while working to fight injustice as a paralegal. PAX TV/Minds Eye; Exec Producers: Kevin DeWalt, Jacqueline Zambrano, Gail Hickman; Producer: Don McLean, Rhonda Baker; DOP: Laszlo George; PM: Todd Pittson; PC: Louisa Main July 2 to February 3, 2003

John Doe A man with no memory but unlimited knowledge helps police solve crimes. Fox TV; Exec Producers: Brandon Camp, Mike Thompson, Mimi Leder; Producers: Margaret French-Isaac, Carol Trussell; DOP: David Geddes; PM: George Grieve; Cast: Dominic Purcell, Jayne Brook July 25 to December 17

LOVE MEMORIES Imode Media Ltd.; Producer: Bing Hu, Dong Hu; Director: Yong Qtang Fu; DOP: Sing Pui O; PM: Yves Ma; Cast: Bing Hu, Ying Du August 17 to August 24

My Mother, My Hero Vibrance Alive; Exec Producer: Ric Beairsto; Producer: Daniel Leipnik, Gail Anderson; DOP: Nick Hallam, Peter Lipski; PM: Gail Anderson; PC: Desiree Lim May 13 to August 9

Smallville The adventures of the young Superman in his hometown. Warner Bros.; Exec Producers: Al Gough, Miles Millar, Joe Davola, Greg Beeman; Producers: Bob Hargrove; DOP: Glen Winter, Barry Donlevy; PM: Jae Marchant; PC: Elaine Fleming; Cast: Tom Welling, Annette O’Toole, John Schneider July 21 to April 15, 2003

Stargate SG-1 A military team explores holes in space. MGM; Exec Producers: Brad Wright, Robert C. Cooper, Michael Greenburg, Richard Dean Anderson, N.J Smith; Producers: Andy Mikita, Paul Mullie (Co-Producer), Joseph Mallozzi (Co-Producer); DOP: Peter Woeste, Jim Menard; PM: John G. Lenic; PC: Kaayla Ryane-Valleau; Cast: Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Chris Judge, Corin Nemic, Don S. Davis, Teryl Rothery February 18 to October 11

Twilight Zone – The Series Forrest Whitaker takes the place of Rod Serling as host of this anthology of the unusual and bizarre. New Line/Trilogy; Producer: John P. Kousakis; DOP: Rick Maguire; PM: Patti Allen; PC: Jennifer Metcalf & Barbara Chisholm July 17 to December 9


KWULTH-TAOW, OUR TEACHINGS Sliammon Treaty Society; Exec Producer: Grace Adams; Producer: Grace Adams; Director: Evan Adams, Jan Padgett; DOP: Moira Simpson; PM: Jan Padgett August 6 to September 30

LOVE AND DEVOTION Vibrance Alive Entertainment Inc.; Exec Producer: Liz Engel, Carmen Solerno; Producer: Daniel Leipnik, Fred Kamperman; Director: Seanna McPherson; DOP: Peter Lipski; PM: Erin Lawrence; Cast: Gail Anderson, Delyse Ledgard, Lee Courdeaux, James Jolly January 13 to January 20

NOT WITHOUT MY CHILD Vibrance Alive Entertainment Inc.; Exec Producer: Liz Engel, Carmen Solerno; Producer: Daniel Leipnik, Fred Kamperman, Gail Anderson; Director: Seanna McPherson; DOP: Peter Lipski; PM: Gail Anderson;January 27 to February 4

RAVEN IN THE SUN Corbeau Productions Inc.; Exec Producer: Blair Reekie; Producer: Barry Gray; Director: Barry Gray, Fabienne Ups Dumas; DOP: Todd Craddock; PM: Kirsty Dick, Marie Rover May 14 to June 10

SKYFACTORY TALES Jerome Broadway; Exec Producer: Alan Thurgood; Producer: Lisa Doyle, Alan Thurgood; Director: Alan Thurgood; DOP: Oliver Glazer; Cast: Alister Abell, Peter Benson, Mackay Brazeau October 26 to November 2

TRUTH & BETRAYAL Still Water Pictures Inc./ National Film Board; Exec Producer: n/a; Producer: Nathan Lane, Lori Roth; Director: Cliff Skelton; DOP: Cliff Skelton; PM: Lori Roth; Casting: Murdine Hersh; Extras: Lori Pavonsalis; Cast: Justin Byron, Mikaela Mann June 5 to June 8

VODKA, WINTER, AND THE CRY OF THE VIOLIN European Filmworks; Exec Producer: TBA; Producer: Daniel Leipnik, Steven Grayhm; Director: Steven Grayhm; DOP: Brian Johnson; PM: Michelle Samuels; Cast: Steven Grayhm, Robert Daly, Agnieszka Tokarczuk February 8 to February 18

WHISTLER STORIES Whistler Stories Productions Inc.; Exec Producer: Blair Reekie; Producer: Stan Feingold; Director: Anna Ceraldi, Grant Greshuk; DOP: Christian Begin; PM: Kirsty Dick December 28, 2001 to April 19


A GOOD DAY FOR PIE Out of Harms Way/Silver Fox Productions; Exec Producer: Martin Warkentin; Producer: Martin Warkentin; Director: Bruce Harms; DOP: Mike Vass; PM: Warren Fulton; Casting: Martin Warkentin, Bruce Harms September 13 to September 23

ALL SAINTS Hopz Productions; Exec Producer: Michael Hamilton; Producer: Chaunce Drury; Director: Sean Frewer; DOP: George Campbell; Casting: Frin Purdey; Cast: Michael David Simms, Darnell Wright, Lucas McCann, Teryl Rothery October 11 to October 14

ANGELS & INSECTS Poli Media Inc.; Exec Producer: Philip Lanyon; Producer: Oliver-Barret Lindsay; Director: Mat Swanson; DOP: Philip Lanyon; PM: Jaeny Baik November 24 to December 2

BACK TO ONE D.V. ent Films; Exec Producer: Charles Zuckerman, Kurt Evans; Producer: Charles Zuckerman; Director: Kurt Evans; DOP: Robin Landala; PM: Charles Zuckerman May 10 to May 22

THE BED Zocalo Films Inc.; Exec Producer: Raymond Massey; Producer: Raymond Massey, Sarah Phillips; Director: John Penhall; DOP: John Houtman; PM: Todd Pittson; Casting: Coreen Mayrs; Extras: Lori Marshall; Cast: Michael Tayles, Ingrid Kavelaars March 8 to March 11

CASANOVA AT FIFTY Little Wolf Productions Inc.; Producer: Bre Hamilton; Director: Bruce Marchfelder; DOP: Ron Williams; PM: Russ Hamilton August 21 to August 23

EXCHANGE Exec Producer: William B. Davis; Director: William B. Davis; DOP: Chris Holmes; PM: Andrew Bronstein July 26 to July 28

FIFTY-FIFTY Max B Productions Inc.; Exec Producer: N/A; Producer: Katherine Garlick; Director: Kevin Eastwood; DOP: Matt Meikle; Casting: Anande Cross August 19 to August 23

THE FINAL ROOM Fung Films; Exec Producer: Jeremy Fung; Producer: Jeremy Fung, Dominik Flacio; Director: Dominik Flacio, Jeremy Fung; DOP: Jason Clark; PM: Dominik Flacio; Cast: Bill Merchant, Ian Raffel, Debra Thorne June 21 to June 25

FLUFFY SH-FI Media Inc.; Producer: Michael George; Director: Brad Vaillancourt; DOP: Keith Young; PM: Robert Anderson; Casting: Carrie Wheeler Management; Cast: Fred Elanuick August 17 to August 26

GO-GO BOY Blow-Up Media; Producer: Dwayne Beaver, Kenneth Sherman; Director: Kenneth Sherman; DOP: Steve Jackson; PM: Kenneth Sherman; Cast: Gabrielle Rose, Tammoh Pennikett, Connor Widdows August 13 to August 16

THE GREAT UPSTANDING MEMBER Massey Productions Ltd.; Exec Producer: Raymond Massey; Producer: Adrian Salpeter; Director: Lenny Epstein; DOP: Pieter Stathis; PM: Ere’n Coyle; Casting: Audrey Skalbania; Cast: Britt Irvin, Andy Cole, Howard Storey October 17 to October 23

HOOK, LINE & SINKER Mets Productions; Producer: Jarrette Mas; Director: Trevor Young September 27 to September 29

LIGHT RAPID TRANSIT Resonance Film & Video; Producer: Trevor Hodgson; Director: Jason James; DOP: Robert Aschmann; PM: Kevin Eastwood; Casting: Anande Cross; Cast: Tygh Runyan, Amber Rothwell, Gina Chiarelli, Seth Ranaweera April 27 to April 30

LILY’S CRICKETS Like Minded Media Ltd.; Producer: Robin Chan; Director: Francis Chan; DOP: Shawn Talbot, Robin Chan; PM: Rebecca Scott; Cast: Benita Ha, Diana Ha, Byron Lawson, Tara Hungerford, Chi Lam March 16 to March 24

LOVE LETTER TO MIRIAM Love Letter Productions; Exec Producer: Bryce McLaughlin; Producer: Bryce McLaughlin; Director: Wurys Olivier; DOP: Sasha Popove; PM: Bryce McLaughlin; Cast: Bryce MacLaughlin July 12 to July 15

THE MULTIVERSE & THE HAIRCUT With or Without You Productions; Exec Producer: Dan Fraser, Christian Sloan; Producer: Matt Kistenmacher; Director: Dan Fraser; DOP: James Liston; PM: Roeslo Wang

ONCE UPON A TIME ON THE BEACH Beach Front Films Ltd.; Producer: Kelly-Ruth Mercier; Director: Byron Lamarque; DOP: Jason Chapman; PM: Brenda Painter; LM: David Senger; PD: Francois Milly, Rick Willoughby; Casting: Jennifer Page; Cast: Jaryd Heidrick, Riley Cantner, Mikka Dargel, Gardiner Millar May 17 to May 21

PAWN Richoz Video Enterprises Inc.; Exec Producer: Paolo Difersico; Producer: Erica Carroll; Director: Christopher Petry; DOP: Paolo Difersico; PM: Erica Carroll; Cast: Michael Adamthwaite, Dopav Bell July 27 to July 29

PURGATORY Oracle Entertainment Inc.; Exec Producer: Dave Gordon; Producer: Paul Stanley, Casra E. Anderson; Director: Rahman Del Rosario; DOP: Roy Tighe; PM: Chris Coates; Cast: Troy Adamson, Jeff Sanca, Andrea Green, Patricia Nudd February 21 to February 28

REMEMBRANCE Producer: Kevin Priebe; Director: Andrew Forster; DOP: Mark Murphy

THE SEA Paradiso 2 Productions; Exec Producer: Eduardo Arnal; Producer: James Power; Director: Eduardo Arnal; DOP: Nina Jones; PM: Eduardo Arnal; Casting: Andrew Jackson June 20 to July 3

SMOKESCREEN Smoke Screen Entertainment; Exec Producer: Francis Testa, Victoria Spindor; Producer: Vittoria Spindor; Director: Geoff Browne; DOP: Mathias Herndl; Casting: Erin Runday; Cast: Koaren Di Zilva

THE 30 SECOND FOOLPROOF ANCIENT CANTONESE METHOD Private Eye Productions; Exec Producer: Robert Holbrook; Producer: Robert Holbrook, Robyn Wiener; Director: Robert Holbrook; DOP: Robert ‘R2’ Reindeau; PM: Robyn Wiener; Casting: Bruce Arnold; Cast: Colin Cunningham September 21 to September 23

THE WALTZ Gold Star Euro; Exec Producer: Scott Barrie; Producer: Scott Barrie; Director: Dan Zaviceanu; DOP: Dan Zaviceanu; PM: Cheryl Creasser; Casting: Dan Zuviceanu; Extras: Scott Barrie; Cast: Cheryl Creasser, Darns Zaviceanu, Karissa Creaser, Ron Scholsberg November 1 to November 2

TWO MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT Gamilon Media Corporation; Exec Producer: Patrick Cronin; Producer: Patrick Cronin; Director: David McLoughlin; DOP: David McLoughlin; Cast: Kathrin Tobin, Patrick Cronin May 25 to May 26

UNRECOVERABLE ERROR Titan Pictures; Exec Producer: Doug Fugger; Producer: Michael Patience; Director: Bob Fugger; DOP: Andre Fernandes; PM: Bob Fugger; Casting: Frank Patt; Cast: Brad Sivhon, Michael Kopsa, Melissa Pohl, Doug Abrams September 14 to September 22

VALUE PRICED Grand Jete Productions Inc.; Producer: Jennifer Oey; Director: Stephen Philipson; DOP: Shannon Kohli; PM: Cara Johnston; Casting: CTDS Casting; Cast: Jessica Fletcher, Chuck Mayne, Matthew R. June 21 to June 27


BARBIE AS RAPUNZEL Mainframe Entertainment Inc./BNC Productions Inc.; Exec Producer: Rob Hudnut, Brett Gannon; Producer: Jennifer Twiner McCarron, Jesyca Durchin; Director: Owen Hurley; PM: Sarah Wall; Casting: Voicebox Productions; Cast: Kelly Sheridan, Cree Summer, Anjelica Huston, Ian Corlett, David Kaye, Mark Hildreth, Terry Klassen February 11 to July 12

D’MYNA LEAGUES Exec Producer: Blair Peters, Chris Bartleman; Producer: Alia Nakashima; Director: Eduardo Soriano; PM: Richard Pimm; Casting: Voicebox Productions; Cast: Matt Hill, Jim Byrnes, Tabitha St. Germain, Teryl Rothery

SPIDER-MAN CTDTV & Mainframe Entertainment Inc.; Exec Producer: Various; Producer: Steven Wendland, Barbara Zelinski; Director: Various; Cast: Neil Patrick Harris, Lisa Loeb, Ian Ziering May 1 to May 1, 2003

WHAT ABOUT MIMI Exec Producer: Chris Bartleman, Blair Peters, Steven DeNure; Producer: Jamie Turner; Director: Josh Mepham, Colleen Holub; PM: Mark Halsall; Casting: Voicebox Productions; Cast: Chiarra Zanni, Sam Vincent, Keith Miller, Colin Murdock, Ellen Kennedy, Kori Cook, Carly McKillip


A Problem With Fear Fear Alberta Ltd; Producers: Shirley Vercruysse, Luc Dery, George Baptist; Director Gary Burns; PM: Darin Wilson; Cast: Emily Hampshire, Paulo Costanzo November 13 to December 9

Don’t Call Me Tonto Producers: Annie Frazier Henry, Jack Clements, Eda Lishman, Lars Lehmann, Bob Neufeld; Director: Phillip Spink; PM: Lars Lehmann; Cast: David Hasselhoff, Michael Moriarty, Gordon Tootoosis November 13 to December 3

The Great Goose Caper Producers: Wendy Hill-Tout, Colin Neale, Alex Brown; Director: Nicholas Kendall; PM: Nives Lever; Cast: Chevy Chase, Joan Plowright October 29 to December 10

The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie A troubled teen is given the chance to redeem his criminal debt to society. Producers: Chad Oaks, Mike Frisley. Director: Paul Johannsson; PM: Linda Ambury. Cast: James Caan, Gena Rowlands August 26 to October 11

Shanghai Knights Wild west deputies go to 19th Century London to solve crimes. Producer: Gary Wordham; Director: David Dobkin; PM: Tom Benz; Cast: Jackie Chan, Owen Wilson, Fann Wong, Donnie Yen, Aaron Johnson, Aidan Gillen July 6 to 7

Open Range A former gunslinger is forced to take up arms again when he and his cattle crew are threatened by a corrupt lawman; Open Range Productions Inc; Producers: David Valdes, Craig Storper; Director: Kevin Costner; PM.: Brian Parker; Kevin Costner, Annette Bening June to August

X-Men II Return of the comic book heroes; Ames Entertainment; PM: Stuart Bethune; Cast: Patrick Stewart, Halle Berry November 13 to November 22


Dreamkeeper Producer: Matthew O’Connor, Ron McLeod; Director: Steven Barron; PM: Leslie Cowan; Cast: Eddie Spears, August Schellenberg February 19 to August 16


Another Country Alberta Filmworks Movie 4 Inc; Producers: Doug MacLeod, Tom Cox, Jordy Randall; Director: Gary Harvey; PM: Lorenz Augustin; Cast: Tina Keeper, Dakota House February 19 to April 10

Burn – The Robert Wraight Story Producers: Nancy Lang, Randy Bradshaw, Heather Goldin-Halden; Director: Stefan Scaini; PM:Lisa Byrne September 11 to November 1

Dangerous Acquaintances PM: Eda Lishman October 28 to December 20

Monte Walsh An aging cowboy mourns the passing of the Old West; Georgian Bay Productions Co. Inc; Producers: Michael Brandman, Steven Brandman, Tom Selleck; Director: Dwight Little; Cast: Tom Selleck, William Devane, Isabella Rossellini June 17 to August 2


Everwood A widower and his family move to a small town to deal with their grief; WB; Producers: Greg Berlanti, Mickey Liddell, Andrew A. Ackerman; Director: Mark Piznarski; PM: Linda Rogers-Ambury. Cast: Treat Williams, Gregory Smith March 10 to March 25


Mentors Children time travel to find famous people from the past as mentors; 5 Productions; Producers: Kevin DeWalt, Josh Miller, Margaret Mardirossian; PM: Doug Steeden June to July 4

Tom Stone An ex-con is recruited by the Calgary police department; CBC; Producers: Tom Cox, Doug McLeod, Andrew Wreggitt, Jordy Randall; PMs: Linda Rogers, Lorenz Augustin; Cast: Chris Martin, Janet Kidder September 6, 2001 to February 1


Falling Angels Minds Eye Pictures; Exec. Producer: Robin Cass; Producers: Kevin DeWalt, Vincent Maraval, Dean English, Alain de la Mata; Director: Scott Smith; DOP: Greg Middleton; Cast: Miranda Richardson, Callum Rennie

The Risen Independing Moving Pictures Exec. Producer: Gail Tilson; Director: Jeff Beesley; PM: Michelle Futerman; DOP: Mark Dobrescu; Cast: Alberta Watson, Peter Outerbridge, Helen Shaver

The Wisher Wisher Productions Inc. Executive Producer: Mark Reid; Producers: Gavin Wilding, Mark L. Lester, Robert Barue; Director: Gavin Wilding; DOP: Mark Dobrescu; Cast: Ron Silver


Betrayed Minds Eye Pictures; Executive Producer: Phyllis Platt; Producers: Laszlo Barna, Kevin DeWalt; Director: Anne Wheeler; DOP: Ken Krawcxyk


Body & Soul Medical drama focusing on holistic medicine. PAX TV; Exec Producers: David Doerksen, Peter Tortorio, John Whelpley; Producer: Leanne Arnott; PM: Jim O'Grady; DOP: David Perravit; Cast: Peter Strauss, Daphne Zuniga, Currie Graham July 15 to November 1


Brotherhood 3 Producer/Director: David DeCoute; DOP: Paul Suderman January 26 to January 30

Fear The X When his wife is killed in a seemingly random incident a man sets out to discover the true circumstances surrounding her murder. Producer: Henrik Danstrup; Producer/Director: Nicolas Winding Refn; Cast: John Tutorro March 11 to April 17

Snow Walker Based on the Farley Mowat novel about a white man who lives with the native people of the north; Infinity Entertainment; Executive Producer: William Vince; Producer: Robert Merriles; Director: Charles Martin Smith; D.O.P.: Dave Connell; PM: Christina Toy; Cast: Barry Pepper, James Cromwell; July 20 to August 31


Behind the Scenes Once Upon A Time Films; Executive Producer: Stan Brooks; Producer: Damian Ganczewski; Director: Jason Ensler; DOP: Brian Pearson; PM: Dave Mahoney; Cast: Joyce Dewitt, Bret Anthony, Jud Tyler August 27 to September 20

Christmas Rush In the season of giving, the department took his badge. Criminals took his wife. Now, one cop is taking matters into his own hands. Director: Charles Robert Carner; Cast: Dean Cain, Eric Roberts April 15 to May 14

Coming Forward (a.k.a Scared Silent) Von Zerneck-Sertner Films; Executive Producers: Frank Von Zerneck, Robert Sertner Producers: Randy Sutter, Ira Pincus, Peter Sadowski; Director: Mike Robe; DOP: Eric Von Norman; PM: Lesley Oswald; Cast: Penelope Ann Miller March 1 to March 22

Cowboys and Indians CBC; Producers: Eric Jordan, Jeremy Torrie; Director: Norma Bailey; DOP: David Frazee; PM: Juliette Hagopian; Cast: Adam Beach, Currie Graham, Garry Chalk November 16 to December 13

The Crooked E The true story of the rise and fall of Enron. CBS; Executive Producer: Robert Greenwald; CoExecutive Producer: Alys Shanti; Producers: Philip Kleinbart, Robert Phillips; Director: Penelope Spheeris; DOP: Bob Seaman; PM: Mary Guilfoyle; Cast: Christian Kane, Brian Dennehy, Mike Farrell, Shannon Elizabeth; August 27 to September 22

Defending My Children Lifetime; Executive Producers: Stanley Brooks, Diane Keaton, Bill Robinson; Producer: Damian Ganczewski; Director: David Atwood; DOP: Jeff Jur; PM: Dave Manhoney; Cast: Diane Keaton, Michael Seater, Colin Roberts, Tim Harding October 28 to December 22

Everybody’s Doing It A female high school junior pledges to give up sex. MTV; Executive Producer: Maggie Malina; Producer: Bill Bannerman; Director: Jeff Beesley; Cast: Lizzy Caplan May 1 to May 28

Hell On Wheels -The Battle of Mary Kay Based on the true story of the cosmetics company founder. CBS/Alliance Atlantis; Executive Producer; Howard Meltzer; Producers: Ed Gernon, Ian McDougall; Director: Ed Gernon; DOP: Steve Danyluk; PM: Lesley Oswald; Cast: Shirley MacLaine, Posey Parker, R.H. Thompson, Shannen Doherty July 3 to August 2

The Many Trials of One Jane Doe Executive Producers: Kim Todd, Bernie Zuckerman; Director: Jerry Ciccoritti; DOP: Gerald Packer; Cast: Wendy Crewson, Gary Lewis April 20 to May 29

Rushes Executive Producer: David Antoniuk May 20 to June 19

A Season On the Brink A season in the life of legendary basketball coach Bobby Knight; Once Upon A Time Films; Executive Producers: Stanley Brooks, Cet Fenster, Joshua Butler; Producer: Lewin Webb; Director: Robert Mandel; DOP: Claudio Chea; PM: Dave Mahoney; Cast: Brian Dennehy November 26, 2001 to January 2002

Tornado Warning Only one man knows where the storm of the century will strike but no-one will believe him. PAX Network/Regent Entertainment; Executive Producers: Paul Colichman, James Shavick; Producer: Jack Clements; Director: Tibor Takacs; DOP: Barry Gravelle; PM: Juliette Hagopian; Cast: Gerald McCraney, Joan Van Ark, David Millbern July 28 to August 8


2030 CE YTV/Buffalo Gal Pictures Inc./Mind’s Eye Productions; Executive Producer: Kevin Dewalt; Producers: Yan Moore, Rhonda Baker, Phyllis Laing, Shawna Watson; Directors: Richard O’Brien-Moran, Rob De Lint, Stephen Hall, Paula Kelly, Michael Scott, Rob King; DOP: Anastasia Geras; Cast: Curtis Harrison, Jessica Lucas, Tatiana Maslany; July 22 to October 5

The Atwood Stories Original Pictures & Shaftesbury Films; Executive Producers: Kim Todd, Christina Jennings, Scott Garvie; Producers: Laura Harbin, Francine Zuckerman, Lori Spring; Directors: Stacey Curtis, Marni Banack, Norma Bailey, Lynn Stopkewich, Lori Spring, Francine Zuckerman; DOP: Milan Podsedly, Gerald Packer; PM: Ellen Rutter; Cast: Sonja Smits September 3 to October 12

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